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Recurring Service 

Want to offer a variety of food choices throughout the week at your campus or office building, variety far beyond what's available from traditional bricks-and-mortar eateries?

Food Trucks in Tampa

We can do that! Some of the places we have assisted in setting up lunch alternatives on an ongoing basis are the USF Health campus and HCC South Shore campus to name just a few. If you require service daily, twice a week, or bi-weekly, we can create a food truck schedule to meet your needs. Our lunch locations and nightly locations span far and wide around the Tampa Bay Area and beyond! 

One of the greatest benefits of our service is that we have dozens of trucks that are rotated daily. No more of the same thing day after day, although naturally you can request your favorites again and again. We post a weekly schedule on our website with information on your location and where trucks will park on site so staff and visitors know where they can go to get fed! We also post the location of all scheduled food trucks every day on our Facebook page. 

We cover all the bases of ensuring license, insurance, and scheduling so you can enjoy hassle-free food truck service. TBFT requires all the trucks we work with are licensed and insured. We understand State regulations, food handling safety requirements, and good food.

Let us know if we can help you enjoy an alternative lunch service by bringing food your way that staff and visitors will rave about. 

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