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It's been a minute or a year ... Thank you

by Michael 16. June 2022 04:03

The last two years have been a whirlwind for us as a company and naturally for our team members and partners as well. That being said, you haven't heard as much from us on our blog and until recently our social channels were quieter than normal. 

With an extremely busy 2021 and first half of 2022 it's been a lot of fun and a lot of work. So midway through June, the team embarked on a one day retreat for fun and relaxation. 

No work, just good times with our team. It was a blast. We encourage you all to to also engage your teams in such outings. We're extremely thankful we get to engage with so many customers in helping them to appreciate their team members. Thank you for your business and support over the last two years. 



Food Truck Not At A Location?

by Michael 1. August 2016 10:22

What!?! Why? Where's the food truck I was looking for?

It's not easy running a food truck, and many things can (and sometimes do!) go awry. There are a number of issues that can cause a food truck to cease operation, prevent them from remaining operating safely or even from arriving to their destination in the first place. In the event of one of these unfortunate occurences, what's a food truck to do?

The first step is to make the best possible attempt at communicating the issues being experienced, especially if you may not make it to your committed event or shift. If a booking agency is responsible for the job (like Tampa Bay Food Trucks!), the truck should call us immediately so that we can make the client aware, as well as update any and all promotional information we have live for that scheduled shift. The sooner we are made aware of a problem, the better! In some cases we will be able to supply the venue with a replacement truck. Second, any efforts the truck has made on Facebook, Twitter etc. should be updated and apologies made to their fans. Citing a reason often helps put disappointed customers at ease. An example of what NOT to say would be "Sorry, I'm at the beach" whereas a more reasonable explanation would be: " We are not available at XYZ location as our generator will not start, leaving us unable to serve you! We are taking the truck in for service now, we are so sorry we had to leave our shift early. Looking forward to getting back up and running, and seeing you all again soon."  

As a fan, there is nothing worse than driving 25 minutes to get to a food truck before the end of their shift and then when you roll truck. As food truck enthusiasts, I think we can all imagine the disappointment! One of our employees recently had this frustrating experience while traveling. After taking 30 minutes, a 10 month old baby (and all that jazzy stuff that rides along with him) they left their vacation rental with the intent of eating at a specific food truck. Despite arriving before their shift was over, when they arrived the truck was nowhere to be found. They called to see if perhaps they had the location wrong? Not only did the truck not answer, but a voicemail received no return phone call. 

It looks as though the truck in question hadn't updated their schedule online. In this particular scenario, if a food truck broker is looking for you, it's in the best interest of your business to be available as promised. We have the capability to book them for thousands and thousands of dollars in work. However after this experience, if we need a food truck in that city, they won't be at the top of our list.  Reliabiilty is an important trait for a food truck to have, and one that we take into consideration when recommending trucks to our clients.
 You've Been Erased Meme

To food trucks: people do follow you around like excited children! In some instances only to find that you've left them hanging out to dry. Don't do that! Life happens, we totally understand, but don't close your window 30 minutes early because you are slow. You just never know who is planning on stopping by, regardless of whether it's a one time retail customer or the catering opportunity of a lifetime. Take pride in what you do and do it well. That all starts with being where you said you would be and if you can't be, at least communicate that to the best of your ability. It shows your fans and clients that you value them and their patronage.

For anyone who has dealt with this, please keep on chasing the trucks, and if you notice it's slow, thank them for sticking it out to the end of their shift so you could catch them! 

Thinking About Building A Custom Food Truck?

by Michael 26. July 2016 04:37

You may want to think again. 

**5/25/18 Update, we couldn't watch more people go through the painful process, we now build trucks and our main three tenants in how we go about it are listed below.

We're not going to go into excrutiating detail on this matter since it's a pretty straight forward issue. We've been rennovating and assisting food trucks for five years now, and we have yet to find a builder that has accomplished the following three key items on ANY custom project: 

Three Essentials to a Successful Custom Built Project

1. Adhere to a timeline, and complete the job on time

2. Adhere to a reasonable budget and meet (not exceed!) it

3. Do quality work, the way it was actually requested

It's possible this unicorn is out there somewhere, but we have yet to find it. At least not at a reasonable price. You might say "well, why are you against building custom?" Our knee jerk reaction to that question is that it's almost impossible to reasonably pay back, so it doesn't make financial sense. By the time you've made your two or three thousand dollar truck payment, dealt with the wonky issues surrounding any equipment, and the used truck itself (which, by the way the builder probably bought for less than $10,000), plus the builder's custom project fees, you're pretty deep underwater. Not to mention, any issues that occur under warranty will be fixed, but you will be out of work during that time. At the end of the day, custom or not, you are still buying a flipped, used truck. 

But it's under Warranty...

Nothing is free about it, as most custom builders are charging $70,000 to start a build, despite the fact that can buy a fully outfitted trailer for $35,000. "Wait, what?" Are you asking yourself: "Didn't he say above that builders buy 10k step vans and convert them?"

That's correct. The actual contents of a food truck costs around $25,000 (placed into a $10,000 used step van.) Most builders are sourcing the same water tanks, prefab windows, three compartment sinks, water heaters, vinyl etc. This stuff definitely adds up, but if you're good at math, you've got to be asking, "where is the other $35,000 that consists of the $70,000 custom build?" Well, that's labor, overhead and profit. Most builds can be done in a few weeks provided the right crews are in place. Part of the reason you can finance these trucks and get warranties when you build custom is the enormous margin on building them.  

Our takeaway is that used is used, and a custom job does not make the truck any more reliable than any other used truck on the road. If you stay on top of things and do regular maintenance, it's very feasible to run a used truck with minimal down time. Some might say "but if you lose your engine, you could be down for three weeks." That's true. However it's also true with that $70,000 custom build, guessed it, it's still a used truck. If you want a new step van to be built out, you're looking at $100,000 easy. 

So when questioning, "Can I be down for a few weeks if something goes wrong with my engine?" Just ask yourself if a few weeks is worth $50,000? Let's say it costs $10,000 to repair your truck, and three weeks of down time. The average food truck grosses around $5,000 a week, and actual profit from that well run business is approximately $3,000. Adding up those costs, would you rather be out $19,000 or $50,000? Instead of a custom job, we recommend the purchase of a used truck for $40,000-$60,000, which gives you a reasonable investment that's been in use for a few years. We have helped several owners purchase quality used trucks, and not once have they said, "Man! I wish I would have spent another $50,000 and built one for myself." 

Some might wonder why is this being written on an event companies blog? The answer is simple, we're tired of seeing local, small businesses being taken for a ride. Our hope is to find builders who will start treating customers right, who will fulfill the food trucker's requests, and who won't ship trucks with the wrong windows, no propane tanks, unfinished electrical and other items that are not up to code. If you are going to charge people an arm and a leg, then don't just give them the arm and wait to see if they come back and ask for the leg. 

No, we don't build trucks, and why? It's not what we do, and there are enough companies out there doing it unsuccessfully. Our goal is to guide you through the process with our industry knowledge, without contributing further to a problem that is already in place. 

**Update 5/25/18 - we couldn't ignore the demand being created by trucks being let down. It has started to impact us as a company that supports food trucks in business development efforts by trucks not being reliable enough. We now do build trucks. 

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us today!

Are you thinking about getting into the Food Truck Business? Check out our seminar that occurs every six weeks.


1997 Grumman Olson Food Truck For Sale

by Michael 18. October 2013 09:48

1997 Food Truck For Sale $35,000 (SOLD)

Back To Food Trucks for Sale

1997  Chevy Grumman Olson Diesel Step Van
86k Miles 
The truck is currently painted, ready to be re-wrapped or painted over, truck has a nice smooth exterior service. 

Food Truck For Sale Graffeaties

Equipment on board: 

Honda EU 6500 Super Quiet Generator in enclosed compartment

New Hood and fire suppression system.

12-16" space for additional equipment under hood, can accomodate adding a piece of equipment prior to sale.  

New 40 lb Fryer
Lang 36" Flat Top Model g36TI
Side by Side freezer and fridge with ice maker
Beverage Air mt12 drink cooler
100 lb Propane Tank
3 Compartment Sink
Handwashing station
Fresh Water/Grey Water tanks
Hot Water Heater

Used Food Truck For Sale

 Food Truck For Sale Interior



New Hood for p30 Food Truck


Truck Mileage - Food Truck Mileage


Window View of Graffeatis Food Truck


Honda Generator Food Truck Sale


Under Hood View of Graffeaties

For more information on the truck please call our office at 813-802-9119.

Unforgettable Cupcakes Food Truck For Sale

by Michael 14. September 2013 08:00

Ever consider starting a cupcake business?

You may want to consider getting a headstart with one of the top cupcake businesses around. Starting with an existing client base and already profitable business takes the guess work out of where to start. 

Price: $45,000 (SOLD)

Includes: Business, Food Truck, Facebook Page, Website and all equipment needed to run the business. 

Unforgettable Cupcakes Food Truck For Sale

20’ 1976 GMC Step Van P3500  Mileage: 161,781 Rebuilt - Many regular maintenance items recently completed.

Unforgettable Cupcakes is more than just a food truck. They currently have a storefront as well. A buyer will have some options since as of November the businesses lease will be month to month: continue the existing lease, take the business to a new location or simply run the business as a food truck without a storefront. 

Tampa Food Truck for Sale

 List of Equipment

Berkel 20 quart mixer model BX20


Imperial convection oven ICVE-1

6500 watt generator

Portable 13,000 BTU A/C unit (used to cool food truck)

3 Stainless steel tables

4 baker racks

Cash register

Display case

3 compartment sink

Grease trap

Utility sink

Front hand wash sink

Front counter cabinets


3 white tables with chairs

All necessary utensils to bake and much more (toomany to list)

Unforgettable Cupcake Shop and Food Truck For Sale


Unforgettable Cupcakes for Sale 

Cigar City Brewing A night at the Brewery with Rollin Zoinks

by Michael 17. May 2013 18:07

It had been too long since I had visited the tasting room. I had the urge to enjoy a few tasty CCB beers on Nitro and enjoy some Food Truck Cuisine. Tonight was the first time I have relaxed all week and it was worth the wait. The tasting room was packed from front to back and the crowd was all ages and walks, that is one of the cool things about craft beer, doesn't matter who you are, you can find common ground through a good beer at CCB. 

Cigar City Food Trucks


After grabbing a Patio Tools on Nitro for myself and  a Hotter Than Helles for my better half we went and hung out in the new back room. It was nice and comfortable, we then went for a second round this time with Jai Lai White Oak and Nick Streeter's Scottish 60 on Nitro, both were as expected, excellent. Once we scored the second round we headed out to see what kind of Zoinks we could get our hands on. So you may be questioning what is a Zoink? Well enough people asked Tammy Young the Owner of Rollin Zoinks that question that she just slapped the definition of the word on the side of her truck, no seriously look: 

Rollin Zoink Truck


Now that we have the definition we can get into what we decided to order, first the Scallywag sounded so good I couldn't help but order it. It has seared scallops, snow peas, mushrooms, parmesan, couscous, spinach, baby spring mix, and lemon champagne sauce. Sounds pretty amazing doesn't it? The smell alone had me salivating as I watched Tammy go through the steps of putting the masterpiece together. 

Rollin Zoinks Scallywag Zoink


Scallywag Zoink


The scallops were seared to perfection and had a very nice texture that paired well with the snow peas, and spinach which took a little harder bite to get through. The couscous added a little sweetness along with the Sriracha that Tammy added made for a sweet and slightly spicy Zoink that made me feel a little like Scooby Doo scarfing down a monster meal. 

So that brings us to our second Zoink, Steak on a Whim: Beef braised in CCB's Maduro with mushrooms, asparagus, swiss, risotto, romaine and Whim sauce. 


Steak on a Whim Beef Braised in Maduro

This was like a roast in a Zoink! The asparagus gave a nice crunch to the Zoink while the risotto added a nice twist. Second place to the braised beef was definitely the Whim Sauce though, it was a smooth brown gravy like sauce with just a little tart when it first hits your taste buds then it moves into a savory smooth flavor. 

Thanks Tammy and Rollin Zoinks, you didn't disapoint! We'll be back again for more soon. 


Interested in learning more about Zoinks and following them? You can find them on facebook at

Want to see Zoinks at a Rally this month? You can find them at: Daniels Chevrolet on the 18th or at the SOHO food truck Rally at MacDintons on the 25th. 

For a listing of all of our events check out our Food Truck Event Calendar.

Food Trucks are placed at Cigar City by Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally on: 
Friday Evenings from 4-10pm
Saturday from 11 am - 10pm (two shifts, typically two trucks)
Sunday 10-2pm  

The tasting room and brewery are located at 3924 W. Spruce St. Tampa, FL 33607
More information can be found on Cigar City at: 

Cheers! See you at the brewery or at a rally!