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Many Thanks From Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally

by 17. December 2015 10:19

We wanted to take a moment to thank our local food truck partners and the fine people in west and central Florida who support them, a community united by our common passion for great food.
We have the opportunity to work with some truly amazing local businesses. We understand and appreciate the commitment they have made to continually refine their craft, and they often work day and night to deliver the best possible food and customer experiences to our fans.Happy Holidays

Our community has thrived because of the dedication and tireless hard work by these small businesses to overcome whatever challenges life, their customers, or we at Tampa Bay Food Trucks can throw at them. Thank you to our fans for supporting these local food trucks and chasing them all over town; they are amazing people indulging their passion for creating and delivering fantastic food, a dream some never thought would be possible - and yet it’s all possible because of you.

Thank you to the local food trucks who make our business feasible, and a pleasure to come to work every day. We truly hope you enjoy working with us as much as we enjoy working with you. We wish you and your families a very happy holiday season, and a great start to a new year.

Social Media for Food Trucks: Part I

by 16. December 2015 12:27

Hello Food Truckers! We appreciate how tough it can be to successfully manage your business' social media presence on top of everything else, but we also know utilizing social is a key component of your truck's marketing strategy and subsequently, your business' success. To assist you, we have put together a 5 part series filled with tips, tricks and advice to ensure you are making the most of your social media accounts.

Look to create a new entry once a day or so and make sure to post your weekly locations! Up first are some highlights and things to keep in mind when getting set up on social:

Part I - Set Up

  • Ensure the page you have set up for your truck on Facebook is in fact a business page and not a personal profile. (Facebook will often delete businesses masquerading as people because they have the ability to solicit fellow users in a way business pages do not.

  • Keep your social media accounts professional and focused on promoting your business. Refrain from rants, politics, or anything other than promoting the positive aspects of your business and attracting more customers.

  • Fill out the profile and about sections on your social media accounts. Your website, contact information and menu should all be up to date and easily accessible to customers.(Also please regularly update your menu with TBFTR on our site! If you need you link, please e-mail!! It is very important that these are kept current.)

  • Publicize whether you accept cash only, or credit and debit cards! This helps customers prepare to attend an event and eat at your food truck.

  • Share your story, and don't be afraid to display some personality within your content. Food trucks are mostly small businesses, and fans appreciate a way to connect with you – if you have some fun facts or a story to share, let everyone know who you are, what you do and why!

Check back next week for our tips and tricks on posting! Have any questions? Comments? A specific topic you would like to see addressed? E-mail

Food Truck Lunch Service

by 28. October 2015 09:30

When you’re planning a meeting or event lasting more than two or three hours, the question of sustenance will have to enter your equation. Sooner or later we all have to eat, and the availability of food may impact whether people decide to attend.

You could schedule a lunch break, but then your rented meeting space will sit idle. Plus, your attendees will have to leave the venue and return. Some might not even come back if your afternoon agenda doesn’t include something on par with a George Lucas meet-and-greet.

Tampa Lunch Catering

Or you can hire a traditional caterer, but a better option may be a food truck catering. Consider these benefits.most of the time the food is not so exciting. Do you pass the cost on to your attendees? Who wants to pay for lunch in advance without knowing the menu? What about food allergies? Not to mention, does your venue have facilities to prepare and serve food? Will you have to pay extra to use them?

Variety. Your attendees will have a wide selection of hot and delicious cuisines in a relatively small space. And given six or more trucks, someone with dietary restrictions will be more likely to find something they can eat.

Convenience. Food truck catering brings restaurant row to your event—no need for anyone to leave. Some food truck rallies allow you to purchase a single voucher that you can use at any food truck.

Interaction. While waiting for their orders, your attendees get to meet each other informally. This can be a networking opportunity for them.

Efficiency. If your venue allows food and beverages inside, the lunch break can be minimal—thirty minutes or so to order and pick up the food. Then your attendees can come back to your meeting to eat while you continue your agenda. Now would be a good time for something simple like a video summarizing the morning’s key points—which allows you to slip out and grab an empanada before the trucks leave.

The nonfood costs of a food truck catering can vary, but sometimes all you need to provide is space for the trucks to park. Check with your venue.

It’s easy to see how a food truck rally creates a fun and mouthwatering break that can make your next meeting or event a hit. To arrange food truck catering in the Tampa Bay area, visit

Food Truck Event: Grand Opening Events work with food truck catering

by 23. September 2015 07:32

The Grand Opening of a new business, community, or facility can be both an exciting and nerve-wracking time for those who have stepped out on faith and took a chance to start something new. The Grand Opening event should be a time to stop and celebrate a wonderful accomplishment. Unfortunately, quite often that is not the case. Organizing a Grand Opening event often requires invitations, press releases, organizing entertainment and deciding on catering. Choosing Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally to cater your grand opening can streamline the process and alleviate one major worry from planning your special day.


Food Truck catering is a simple process- far simpler than traditional catering. No sitting through tastings. Food Truck CateringNo concerns over whether you will have the appropriate variety of food for your guests. You don’t have to worry about various dietary needs that your guests may have. Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally handles that for you. Once a client shares with Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally their needs, the dietary restrictions, the size of the group, any special entertainment requirements, all is required of them is provide the spacing and TBFTR handles to rest.concerns over whether you will have the appropriate variety of food for your guests. You don’t have to worry about various dietary needs that your guests may have. Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally handles that for you. Once a client shares with Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally their needs, the dietary restrictions, the size of the group, any special entertainment requirements, all is required of them is provide the spacing and TBFTR handles to rest.


Additionally, as a new business, every opportunity to connect with your clients can prove invaluable. A great way to gain customer information is the ever-popular opt-in. However, the old days of handing someone a paper and hoping they will fill it out have gone away, and that is where a partnership with Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally comes in. By organizing a rally for your grand opening event, you are able to provide a free meal to the guest. All the guest has to do is register for their ‘free’ ticket by providing their contact information. This gives you a warm lead and gives the customer a warm meal.


Whether you see Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally as a marketing opportunity, or simply a way to host your grand opening event with a bit less stress, we have the staff, the cuisine, and the expertise to make your event a success. 



Food Truck Office Catering

by 17. August 2015 14:30

Is your business or office looking for a way to build camaraderie, boost morale or just shake up the traditional lunchtime routine? If so, a corporate food catering may be the answer! These events feature food trucks, which park outside your workplace for a set length of time, typically the lunch hour. Food Truck Office Catering offers the following benefits:

Variety. Food trucks allow for a wide selection of delicious cuisines in a relatively small space—more than your traditional cafeteria, and food trucks are a fun substitute for your classic brown bag and vending machine fares.

Convenience. Does your staff pull a vanishing act at 11:10 and then trickle back in around quarter after one, because your office is at least fifteen minutes to the nearest decent restaurant? A food truck luncheon brings restaurant row to your employees—and they will thank you for the money saved on gas!

Camaraderie. A food truck catering brings the best of a restaurant experience to your parking lot, with some additional flexibility. While you await your order, you have the ability to move around and socialize with your coworkers, not just the people you happen to be seated next to.

Simplicity. If you would like, we can arrange to use vouchers at any of the trucks. The vouchers may be used to mix up the selection (e.g., one entrée or two, one side dish, and one beverage.)

Whether it’s for a onetime employee appreciation day, or it becomes a regularly scheduled lunch truck (“Friday Food Truck Frenzy!”), a corporate food catering offers a fun opportunity for your employees without impacting productivity.

To arrange a food truck catering, visit

Food Truck Business Training

by 11. July 2015 11:02

You’ve seen it on TV and quite possibly you’ve eaten from one and thought, I could own and operate a food truck! The idea has been bouncing around in your head for weeks if not months and sure, it can be a bit frightening because there is so much to know about building and running a food truck business.  What if there was something available to guide you from point a to z on building and marketing your food truck business? What if you had someone, who is an expert with knowledge in the industry of food trucks that can answer all of your questions and tell you what your best options are for success?

Food Truck Seminar 2019Simply put, there is no one person; you have a team of people from Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally to help you. Our business is solely focused on food trucks and we’ve taken our knowledge from the field and have packed it into a four hour seminar of what works best. From helping you refine your business' concept to serving your first meal and everything in between.  We have helped several food truck operators start successful careers in the food truck industry. So please join us for our up coming seminar on July 12, 2015. We look forward to seeing you in person or online! 

Be sure to register today!