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2020 Themed Food Truck Rallies

by 15. January 2020 08:18

Did you know that we have Food Truck Rallies in 4 different locations? Every month we host a Rally in Riverview, Lakeland and Plant City. We also offer a Rally in Fishhawk once every quarter!

2020 is even more exciting because all of our Food Truck Rallies are themed! Here’s the list of our themes for the first half of the year:

  • January – Break Your Resolution
  • February – Celebrate your true love… CHOCOLATE!
  • March – Suicide & Mental Health Awareness/Prevention - Portion of our sales will be donated back to a local nonprofit
  • April – Wing Fest
  • May – Cheese Fest
  • June – Summer Cookout (BBQ/Summer Grilling)

As always, be sure that you’re following us on social media where we will be hosting fun giveaways and sharing all the latest news. Cheers!

Food Truck Friday: The Pineapple Shack

by 24. March 2017 04:20

We have awesome news! Thanks to The Pineapple Shack, the cult classic Dole Whip dessert no longer requires a trip to Disney World - you can find it locally roaming the streets of Tampa!

The Pineapple Shack Food Truck

The Pineapple Shack has hit the area courtesy of Rae and Chris Bridges. The couple began toying with the idea of starting a food truck, wanting to serve something cool and refreshing that would bring a smile to the faces of their fellow Floridians. Ice cream fit the bill on all counts, but it wasn't until a trip to Hawaii that they stumbled upon their true inspiration. One taste of Dole Whip and they were hooked! Rae explains the transition from vacation to business; "We thought, why not bring the flavor of the islands here for everyone to savor and enjoy? That's when the wheels started to turn. For the non Dole Whip devotees, the treat is a creamy Hawaiian pineapple soft serve, however diehard fans claim that oversimplified description lacks some of the magic represented in the treat itself. Dole Whip can be ordered by itself, or as the base of Pineapple Shack's signature items such as the Aloha Colada Whip and Dole Whip Shortcake. In addition to Dole Whip treats, The Pineapple Shack offers a variety of local handcrafted ice cream, and delicious dipped cones such as toasted coconut, chocolate, birthday cake, etc. Sundaes and other unique sweet treats are also available.

The pineapple on their truck doesn't just represent the main flavor of their signature ingredient, but has been a symbol of hospitality for many generations. "We carry on this tradition at The Pineapple Shack Island Creamery with the warmth, charm and style of the islands. We love traveling to new places for events and meeting new people from all walks of life. One of our favorite things is watching a customer's reaction when trying one of our delicious treats for the first time."

Follow The Pineapple Shack to see where you can catch them next - and be sure to try the famous Dole Whip for yourself!

The Pineapple Shack will be present at the following upcoming events:

April 7th 2017- Riverview Food Truck Rally
13050 Summerfield Blvd Riverview, FL 33579 from 5-9pm
April 13th 2017- Lakeland Food Truck Rally 
Munn Park 6-9pm


The Pineapple Shack Food Truck

Dole Whip

Want to attend a Food Truck Event?

by 15. March 2017 06:24

Have you always wanted to attend a food truck event, but weren't sure what to expect? One of our most popular events is the monthly Downtown Lakeland Food Truck Rally in Munn park. Here, we are answering some of our most frequently asked questions regarding this event!

Food Truck Rally

1) What is a food truck rally?
A: A food truck rally is a gathering of food trucks in a public space, where the community is encouraged to come check out a variety of cuisines and socialize. It's a great way to try something new, while supporting local small business owners!

2) Can I pay with a credit card?
A: Yes, unless encountering technical difficulties the food trucks are equipped to accept both cash and credit card payments.

3) Are the events family friendly?
A: The monthly Lakeland Food Truck Rally is always family-friendly, and children are welcome! 

4) Can I bring my dog/lawn chairs?
A: Yes! We welcome friendly, leashed pets in Munn Park. All we ask is that you come prepared with baggies to pick up any accidents that may occur. Lawn chairs and/or towels to sit on picnic-style are also welcome.

5) Where can I park?
A: Upon arrival you will see some of the side streets are closed for the food trucks to park directly adjacent to Munn Park. You are welcome to park on any surrounding streets, following the usual traffic laws.

6) Is alcohol allowed at this event?
A: No alcohol will be served in the park, and we ask that you do not bring any on site, however there are a variety of restaurants surrounding the park that serve beverages that can be consumed on their premises before or after you visit the food trucks. We recommend Black and Brew, Posto 9, and Harry's Seafood!

7) Are there any vegan, vegetarian or gluten free options?
A: Most trucks can accommodate dietary restrictions in some form or another. Your best bet is to inquire prior to the event so that we may point you in the direction of specific trucks. But when in doubt, peruse the truck menus and then inquire at the window if a dish can be adapted.

8) Is there any entertainment?
A: Each month we either bring the TBFTR mobile DJ truck (which is also available for rent at private parties) or a local musician. The event will host some form of music as you enjoy your food.

9) Do I have to pay admission?
A: No! Entering the park is free, the only charges you will incur is if you choose to purchase food or beverages. You are welcome to stay for as little or as much of the event as you would like, however the trucks close down at 9pm.

10) How do I get invited to participate as a vendor or sponsor?
A: For more information, please call 813-464-5600 or e-mail

How To Organize A Food Truck Event

by 21. April 2016 10:46

How To Organize A Food Truck Event

Organizing a food truck rally is no easy feat! Between chasing down a food truck (or a dozen trucks!) to attend your event, ensuring they are properly licensed and insured, hoping they will show up on the day of, and that they have the capabilities to serve the number of people you have in the time allotted, it’s a task with many moving parts. How well versed are we in these difficulties? We’ve encountered new ones every time we’ve done an event! With several years of experience in hosting food truck caterings and events in Tampa Bay, we have handled just about every eventuality that may occur during your event - which means we also have a big head start on developing a work-around solution!

How to organize a food truck rallyPart of our process begins with vetting the food trucks themselves. When you look to hire a food truck it can be a shot in the dark. Are they going to meet your expectations and be reliable? Is their food quality consistent? Can they deliver a great customer experience? Are they able to turn tickets quickly enough? We can recommend the appropriate number of trucks to fit your needs, and who will deliver the services you require. The trucks we work with have been determined to be reliable partners through experience, and know our standards and procedures. We can also help to ensure the trucks have the information they need prior to arriving, in order to be well prepared for your event. This does not mean that every truck we work with is infallible, but our history with the trucks, our knowledge of their strengths and weakness, and the vetting process ensures a much higher rate of success.

If you’re looking to have a fun and seamless experience, look to us to handle the hiring of food trucks at your next event. Contact us today at 813-802-9119 or fill out our booking form here, and a local expert will contact you shortly to discuss your event in more detail.

Food Truck Lunch Service

by 28. October 2015 09:30

When you’re planning a meeting or event lasting more than two or three hours, the question of sustenance will have to enter your equation. Sooner or later we all have to eat, and the availability of food may impact whether people decide to attend.

You could schedule a lunch break, but then your rented meeting space will sit idle. Plus, your attendees will have to leave the venue and return. Some might not even come back if your afternoon agenda doesn’t include something on par with a George Lucas meet-and-greet.

Tampa Lunch Catering

Or you can hire a traditional caterer, but a better option may be a food truck catering. Consider these benefits.most of the time the food is not so exciting. Do you pass the cost on to your attendees? Who wants to pay for lunch in advance without knowing the menu? What about food allergies? Not to mention, does your venue have facilities to prepare and serve food? Will you have to pay extra to use them?

Variety. Your attendees will have a wide selection of hot and delicious cuisines in a relatively small space. And given six or more trucks, someone with dietary restrictions will be more likely to find something they can eat.

Convenience. Food truck catering brings restaurant row to your event—no need for anyone to leave. Some food truck rallies allow you to purchase a single voucher that you can use at any food truck.

Interaction. While waiting for their orders, your attendees get to meet each other informally. This can be a networking opportunity for them.

Efficiency. If your venue allows food and beverages inside, the lunch break can be minimal—thirty minutes or so to order and pick up the food. Then your attendees can come back to your meeting to eat while you continue your agenda. Now would be a good time for something simple like a video summarizing the morning’s key points—which allows you to slip out and grab an empanada before the trucks leave.

The nonfood costs of a food truck catering can vary, but sometimes all you need to provide is space for the trucks to park. Check with your venue.

It’s easy to see how a food truck rally creates a fun and mouthwatering break that can make your next meeting or event a hit. To arrange food truck catering in the Tampa Bay area, visit

What is it like to attend a food truck rally?

by 18. June 2015 06:21

What's it like to attend a food truck rally? Below we’ll cover everything you need to know to enjoy your visit!

Come prepared: While most trucks accept credit and debit cards, we recommend bringing some cash in case it's needed for parking, or in the rare event that technology fails us and the trucks are not able to accept plastic (we will admit there are only a few events nowadays where trucks aren't allowed to accept debit and credit cards).  

Tampa Prep

Check which food trucks will be on site in advance. If you want to plan ahead, check our events calendar for alisting of food trucks that will be on site at that particular event. You can even peruse their sample menu to get an idea of what dishes you would like to try, and pricing prior to arrival. (Menus at each event are subject to change!)outdoors. Depending on the event, you will be standing and milling about where the trucks are parked, seated (potentially on grass) or at tables. Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather and the venue, and during the summer it may help to bring a hat and sunscreen. If you know the rally is taking place in a park, such as our monthly downtown Lakeland Rally, feel free to bring a beach chair or blanket to enjoy your meal picnic-style. While most events will continue rain or shine, the food trucks are almost always parked. more than just food! Whether it be live music, a 5k, a Tampa Bay Lightning watch party, a fundraiser for a school, the food truck events are set up for you to be entertained and to enjoy yourself. Your best bet is to plan on attending events that align with your interests.

At the event:

What is provided? The trucks sell food and drinks, and also provide cutlery and napkins for you to enjoy your food. Trash cans will be placed strategically around the event and we ask that you use them to keep the event site tidy.

Most importantly, have fun! Food truck events are great for bringing groups of friends, as there is ample parking, room for you to mingle and spread out and share and sample different types of food. They are a fun alternative to traditional restaurant get-togethers where you can only speak to those seated closest to you and are limited to one menu. A lot of events hosted are also family-friendly! What better way to enjoy some family time, while sampling great food in a casual atmosphere? One of the awesome benefits to feeding your family at a food truck rally is being able to come and go as you please - no getting stuck waiting for your check or infringing on naptime! 

Take photos! Tampa Bay Food Trucks as well as the food trucks love to see pictures of customers enjoying themselves and their food. You can tweet or post to Instagram and tag us @tbftr and @tampabayfoodtrucks. We periodically select photos to be featured on our Facebook page as well. 

Did we miss anything? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have regarding upcoming events or rallies in general. We hope to see you very soon!