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Top 10 Food Trucks to Start or Rebrand in 2020!

by 3. October 2019 10:14

What draws people to rallies and different food truck events? It’s the food of course! Most importantly, it’s the variety. As the food truck industry continues to grow, there is a need to expand into different culinary genres in order to offer an even more diverse and original variety of dishes!

We are constantly researching and monitoring what cuisine options are working and what is not. We wanted to share our findings to help your truck become a contributing partner in the growth of the food truck scene here in Tampa!

Here are the top 10 Food Trucks that the Tampa Bay Area needs to see more of:

  • Middle Eastern
  • Wings
  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Mexican
  • Seafood
  • Churros
  • Empanadas
  • Poke Bowl

Here are the top 3 that are already saturated in the market:

  • BBQ
  • Shaved/Italian ice
  • Cheesesteaks

You can go anywhere to get average food, and that’s why we suggest branching out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Tampa is exploding with diversity and flavor, and that’s what is performing best right now! The trucks we work with are a collection of different local eateries that reflect their favorite family recipes as well as new, fun trends that are happening in the foodie world.

If you ever need help or consulting starting your brand, you can check out our seminar on how to start a food truck or even engage us to develop your branding down to truck name and menu items. Our Chief Eating Officer, Michael Blasco has been in the food truck scene since 2011. For a full list of our services, click here.

10 Ways To Have A Great and Safe Christmas

by 19. December 2014 08:49

Christmas is the time of the year when people let loose! It's time to have fun, to be with family, eat good food and drink a little more than usual. Fortunately, you can fully enjoy the holidays and have fun while staying safe. Having a good holiday doesn't need to be done carelessly or dangerously. Here are 10 ways to make sure your Christmas holiday is fun, memorable and safe.


  • If you are going out, plan for a designated driver. You should actually do this all year long, not just during the holidays, but it's a good reminder, especially for those who don't go out much.

  • If you are the host, make sure you don't drink too much. If you are hosting a party, you're the one responsible. You want to keep your mind clear to make sure nobody is going to drive drunk and that everyone stay safe.

  • It is always fun to put up the Christmas tree with the family or with friends. Make sure you buy a fresh Christmas tree. By "fresh," I mean one that isn't dry. A dry tree can be a fire hazard.

  • A fun idea, you can light candles and sing songs with your family. This is a great way to fully experience the Christmas spirit and tradition. To stay safe, make sure you keep all lighter and candles away from children.

  • Cook Christmas dinner instead of using a buffet service or packaged food. The delicious aroma of the food will fill up your house and really bring Christmas alive in your home. Children love to take part in dinner preparations so involve them as much as possible!

  • Put up lights with your family and friends. This is a really fun activity to do and gives you a good dose of fresh air. It also makes your home more festive! Be sure not use outdoor lighting indoors or indoor lighting outdoors.

  • If you live in a snowy climate, take the time to go tobogganing with friends! You will feel like children again, and that it the true spirit of Christmas. It is also another way to get some fresh air, after being cooped up inside with parties and diners. Just make sure you slide far away from the streets and highways. Stay safe!

  • If it's too cold to go tobogganing, rent a movie and watch it under warm blankets, with popcorn and a nice holiday beverage. The holidays should be a relaxing time.

  • When you unwrap your presents, do not burn wrapping paper in your fireplace. This will create a lot of smoke and can be hazardous since wrapping papers ignite very fast and burn intensely.

  • Finally, just have fun! The Christmas holiday is the best time of the year. It's a time to be jolly and happy.

Above all, when in doubt and you can figure it out, find your nearest food truck! They are sure to have delicious eats with a holiday spin for you to enjoy. Happy Holidays from Tampa Bay Food Trucks!

Fully Equipped Food Truck For Sale

by Ty 12. October 2013 07:23

Get a jump start on your food truck dream


Includes:  Food Truck, all equipment needed to run the business. 

 The Cheesery Food Truck

1993 Ford Grumman, 93,000 mi, Rebuilt Transmission, Fully equipped with license, and inspection from Fire Marshall and Health Dept. All you need is your own menu and concept and you will be selling!

The Cheesery is a recently built food truck with a decent amount of new equipment.

 Florida Working Food Truck For Sale


Cheesery Food Truck for Sale


Cheesery Kitchen Layout


Food Truck Layout




Fryer and Flat Top


Hood and Ansul Nozzles

List of Equipment:

7ft hood with ansul system

5ft Vulcan flat top with electric start and thermostat control on stand

40 lb fryer

2 door mega prep cooler with 18 inserts and cutting board

Chest freezer

3 compartment sink

Hand washing sink

Aluminum shelving/Counter

Serving window with sliding door

100lb propane tank mounted on front

Outside lights

Breaker box for electrical

Credit card capabilities (terminal to swipe) 

Dub and Jimbo's Food Truck For Sale

by Ty 6. August 2013 06:20

Click Here for our other Food Trucks for Sale

Dub and Jimbo's Cajun Invasion Food Trailer is currently for sale.

$29,500 (SOLD)

Dub and Jimbos has been a popular and successful Tampa Bay area food truck but the owners are exploring opportunities elsewhere so you now have an opportunity to get into the great food truck business with a ready to go trailer.

Dub and Jimbos

2011 16 foot "Best Built Trailer"
Dual axles with electronic brakes, under dash electric brake controller included
heavy duty trailer hitch with stabilizer bar package included
Honda 6500 whisper quiet generator  ($3500 value)
Whole busines being sold with permission to use Dub & Jimbos name until Feb 2014 for transitional period (if desired) along with all business contacts. 
All equipment included:
Full sized commercial refrigerator
Full sized commercial freezer
6 burner commercial stove over full sized oven
24" flattop griddle
40# double fryer
4-10 gallon propane tanks
Nemco portable steamtable
Dual lamp food warmer
Class K fire extinguisher
Ansul Fire Suppression system ($2500 value)
8 foot hood system
Air conditioner
Hot Water Heater
42 gallon fresh water tank
58 gallon gray water tank
startup set up pots, pans, ladels, spoons etc
1 cutting board
2 prep knives
Electronic cash register
Iced tea urn
Premium diamond plate floor mats
Over $40,000 value in equipment and supplies 

Everything needed to get rolling!

Available to take posession after September 1. One training day at startup event can be arranged.  

Asking Price: $29,500

Contact us to inquire.

Cooking areaHood systemFire suppressionCooking area 2electricalrefrigerationsinkfloor plan


Brews with Attitude Made Tuesday a Really Good Tuesday

by Michael 16. May 2013 14:00

Pepin Distributing put on their annual American Craft Beer party and let the Tampa Food Truck scene be a part of it. In past years Pepin had prepared food for attendees but decided this year they'd prefer to leave it to local food trucks. In our opinion and based on the amount of people eating from trucks, I think we all agree that was a really good idea!

Trucks in attendance were; 

Nico's Arepas - serving up their Venezuelan Arepas and Cachapas, I never knew I loved Venezuelan cuisine until I fell in love with Nico's. Plus they have a sweet looking truck, check it out: 

Nico's Food Truck


American Wiener - with their famed Capone and a Special Beer Brawt that didn't disappoint. 

The Taco Bus - We all know the menu, even if you still couldn't see straight. 

Mike's Off The Hook - Tally Who? They had all kinds of Tally sandwiches along with a specially marinated salmon with Sweetwater 420! 

Whatever Pops - They brought the serious pops including the Chocolate Sea Salt. 

Burger Culture - The Goat and the Bleu were hits but everyone raved about the special too. 

PAO! - Fans surrounded PAO and ate until it hurt, their fusion food is serious I heard about some serious spring rolls. 

Jimmy Meatballs - Always having a ball the Asian and Beach Balls (crabmeatballza) were downed by many. 

Brews n Food trucks

A few honorable mentions on the beer side of the event: 

Goose Island Sofie: You were good to me, see you again. 

Piston Head Kustom Lager: Biggest surprise in a European can. Not really available around these parts yet, but it should be coming soon. Pistonhead Kustom Lager


Here is  a pretty complete list of the brewers and the beer they had at the event:

A special thanks to Pepin, we had a blast! Looking forward to next year!