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2020 Themed Food Truck Rallies

by 15. January 2020 08:18

Did you know that we have Food Truck Rallies in 4 different locations? Every month we host a Rally in Riverview, Lakeland and Plant City. We also offer a Rally in Fishhawk once every quarter!

2020 is even more exciting because all of our Food Truck Rallies are themed! Here’s the list of our themes for the first half of the year:

  • January – Break Your Resolution
  • February – Celebrate your true love… CHOCOLATE!
  • March – Suicide & Mental Health Awareness/Prevention - Portion of our sales will be donated back to a local nonprofit
  • April – Wing Fest
  • May – Cheese Fest
  • June – Summer Cookout (BBQ/Summer Grilling)

As always, be sure that you’re following us on social media where we will be hosting fun giveaways and sharing all the latest news. Cheers!

7 Essential Food Truck Treats To Add to your Dessert Bar

by 8. August 2018 08:26
Looking to wow your guests at your upcoming party or event? Look no further. We've compiled some of the Tampa Bay Area's best dessert food truck desserts for you to sink your teeth into. Here's 7 must-have essential desserts from food trucks you need to add to your dessert bar.

1. A bucketful of Cinnamon Sugar Donuts from Jenny’s Mini Donuts. Mmmmm. Donuts. For an easy snack for the on the go dancer - a mini donut is a must. If your guests are on the move and need a quick pick me up a warm donut made from love is the way to go. 2 bites and you’re ready to get back on the dance floor, or go right back into the fray to network. All of the donuts from Jenny's Mini Donut truck are fried and made right in the food truck so it’s gauranteed fresh. A cinnamon sugar donut is simple, yet they stand out from the crowd of the usual dessert table fare. 
2. Mini Key Lime Pies from Got Candy & More. Wanna know how to wow your party guests? Mini pies. Step outside of the norm and offer pies instead of cupcakes! Your guests will never forget such a unique dessert. Just like a mini cupcake, a mini pie is just a couple of bites. If you’re not a key lime pie person, you can choose to do another flavor like Buckeye or go the savory route instead! 
3. Mini Cupcake Assortment from Mmmm-Delicious. Why limit yourself? You can order 15 or 100, and pick up to four flavors to sport at your event's dessert table. Some of our personal favorites include Lemon Blueberry, Mimosa, Strawberry & Champegne, Chocolate Bacon, and Coconut. But that’s just a few flavors that you can choose out of the 90+ flavors on the Mmmm-Delicious food truck's menu. Just like a mini donut, this is the perfect treat for your guests on the go. 
4. Eddie Bull’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough from YoYo Juice. Sprinkles, chocolate chip, salted caramel, oh my! Yo Yo Juice knows how to serve up the perfect scoopa-bull cookie dough. While you can either bake or eat it - we suggest eating it. Did we mention they offer a gluten free option in both sprinkle and chocolate chip? Edible cookie dough is a great option not only for kids, but adults of all sizes. Have you ever met someone that hasn’t admitted to licking the bowl as a kid when baking cookies with mom? Nope. Make your party guests’ wildest dreams come true and serve up some dough! Set up your dessert table so that you have individual portions for guests to grab and go, or a bowl for guests to serve themselves. Cookie dough can be a bit of a more intimate dessert since there's some scooping involved, so it's perfect for the family get together or even an alternative to cake at a birthday party.
5. Chocolate Sout Cupcake from The Naked Cupcake. While The Naked Cupcake offers a ton of flavors and options, the chocolate stout cupcake has won our hearts. While beer may sound a bit weird in a cupcake - but its darn right delicious. The chocolate stout flavors the body of the cupcake, and its topped with a peanut butter frosting topped with a butter snap pretzel. Yum. Not a chocolate person? A stout person? Not an adult? Don’t worry, The Naked Cupcake offers a ton of flavors.
6. Sweet Tart Crepe from The Crepe Company. Shhhh. So technically the sweet tart crepe is a breakfast crepe made by The Crepe Company, but your guests won’t know. We never knew something so sweet and simple could be so delicious, but the sweet tart proved us wrong. Crepe + Raspberry Preserves + Cream Cheese = the best sweet tart crepe known to man. Crepes are the perfect treat for a breakfast party or even a sweet breakfast bar for work.
7. French Toast donut from Craving Donuts. So we already put donuts on the dessert list but this is a full sized donut. And a donut you absolutely can’t pass up. We’ve had all types of donuts from all different places but Craving Donuts is one of the donut stops you can’t pass up. The French Toast donut tops it off. Craving donuts makes their doughnuts from a sour dough type dough that makes your taste buds simmer. It’s light and fluffy a bit like a cloud.  
Did we make you hungry? Did we get you excited for the possibilities of where you can take your dessert bar? Let us help you make your dreams come true and put your party into action. Tampa Bay Food Trucks can help you book the trucks, and set up the menu for your party/event. Whether you want to have a dessert bar, or have people pass the desserts at a party we've got it! Contact us here.
Mini Cupcake Assortment from Mmmmm-Delicious with Tampa Bay Food TrucksMini Pie from Got Candy and More with Tampa Bay Food TrucksEddie Bull's Cookie Dough from YoYo Juice with Tampa Bay Food TrucksCupcake Assortment from Mmmm-Delicious with Tampa Bay Food TrucksCraving Donuts with Tampa Bay Food TrucksSweet Crepe from The Crepe Company at Tampa Bay Food TrucksJenny's Mini Donuts with Tampa Bay Food Trucks

Food Truck Not At A Location?

by Michael 1. August 2016 10:22

What!?! Why? Where's the food truck I was looking for?

It's not easy running a food truck, and many things can (and sometimes do!) go awry. There are a number of issues that can cause a food truck to cease operation, prevent them from remaining operating safely or even from arriving to their destination in the first place. In the event of one of these unfortunate occurences, what's a food truck to do?

The first step is to make the best possible attempt at communicating the issues being experienced, especially if you may not make it to your committed event or shift. If a booking agency is responsible for the job (like Tampa Bay Food Trucks!), the truck should call us immediately so that we can make the client aware, as well as update any and all promotional information we have live for that scheduled shift. The sooner we are made aware of a problem, the better! In some cases we will be able to supply the venue with a replacement truck. Second, any efforts the truck has made on Facebook, Twitter etc. should be updated and apologies made to their fans. Citing a reason often helps put disappointed customers at ease. An example of what NOT to say would be "Sorry, I'm at the beach" whereas a more reasonable explanation would be: " We are not available at XYZ location as our generator will not start, leaving us unable to serve you! We are taking the truck in for service now, we are so sorry we had to leave our shift early. Looking forward to getting back up and running, and seeing you all again soon."  

As a fan, there is nothing worse than driving 25 minutes to get to a food truck before the end of their shift and then when you roll truck. As food truck enthusiasts, I think we can all imagine the disappointment! One of our employees recently had this frustrating experience while traveling. After taking 30 minutes, a 10 month old baby (and all that jazzy stuff that rides along with him) they left their vacation rental with the intent of eating at a specific food truck. Despite arriving before their shift was over, when they arrived the truck was nowhere to be found. They called to see if perhaps they had the location wrong? Not only did the truck not answer, but a voicemail received no return phone call. 

It looks as though the truck in question hadn't updated their schedule online. In this particular scenario, if a food truck broker is looking for you, it's in the best interest of your business to be available as promised. We have the capability to book them for thousands and thousands of dollars in work. However after this experience, if we need a food truck in that city, they won't be at the top of our list.  Reliabiilty is an important trait for a food truck to have, and one that we take into consideration when recommending trucks to our clients.
 You've Been Erased Meme

To food trucks: people do follow you around like excited children! In some instances only to find that you've left them hanging out to dry. Don't do that! Life happens, we totally understand, but don't close your window 30 minutes early because you are slow. You just never know who is planning on stopping by, regardless of whether it's a one time retail customer or the catering opportunity of a lifetime. Take pride in what you do and do it well. That all starts with being where you said you would be and if you can't be, at least communicate that to the best of your ability. It shows your fans and clients that you value them and their patronage.

For anyone who has dealt with this, please keep on chasing the trucks, and if you notice it's slow, thank them for sticking it out to the end of their shift so you could catch them! 

Food Truck Concept Developement Part II

by 10. March 2016 06:57

Food Truck Concept Developement

Making of The Mac Shack Continued

Earlier this week we posted about developing a food truck concenpt, breathling life into an old business and watching the concept take off.  At this point, the truck made it’s way into the shop for repairs! It took D&S Truck and Trailer several days of chasing down unnecessary electrical wiring and switches within the truck to eliminate the battery issue. They finished the job with a box full of wires to show us, that had accumulated over years of different people working on the truck. Once the truck was restored to proper working condition, we washed it off and began sanding all of the paint that was currently on the truck to prepare it for rebranding. 

The exterior was the biggest and most time consuming aspect of  the project. We soon discovered the finish on the outside of the truck was uneven, so we elected to paint the truck and apply the logos in decal form. 
After several days of sanding, a coat of primer was applied, followed by the supreme cheese yellow base coat. With just this basic paint it already looked like a brand new truck! 

After the painting was completed, we added wood paneling to the exterior to give the truck a “shack-like” appearance. Next, we went over the wood panels with a stain to give it a nice, weather-beaten look, and sealed it with a clear gloss topcoat. 

The interior of the truck was in need of some minor work; namely the cabinet hardware was stripped off in order to make room for the wood paneling that would cover it. A new shelf  for the serving window was built, and the hood cover was cleaned and painted to give it refreshed look.


At this point, it was finally time to drive the truck over to one of our sponsors in Land O’ Lakes: Local Wraps. They had created some beautiful vinyl logo decals for us based on our favorite design, to add to the exterior of the truck. Local Wraps prepped the truck’s surface with alcohol, and applied the vinyl decal.


Always the team to get the impossible accomplished, we finished up at Local Wraps with only 3 hours before it’s debut service! We returned the truck to it’s owner and Mac Shack was a giant hit at the Lakeland Food Truck Rally at Munn Park in Lakeland, a large rally we host on the second Thursday each month.


We were thrilled to note that the rebranded Mac Shack truck far surpassed the sales accomplishments of the truck in it’s former life (with it’s original menu and branding) when compared to all of their previous appearances at that same event. We at Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally are here to help you achieve the most possible success with your mobile food truck business. Whether you’re brand new to the market, just have questions, or find yourself floundering, be sure to reach out to us today regarding our business consulting services.

** Update** 3/10/16

During this build we were not able to complete the exterior aesthetics of the Mac Shack for it’s debut rally showing. We have since updated the paintwork to the front of the food truck to give it a real shack like look. The completed truck will be appearing at the Lakeland Food Truck Rally today, make sure you stop by and check the Mac Shack out!

Mack Shack Progress 1

Mack Shack Progress 2

Mac Shack line

Mac Shack Order window

Mac Shack Plate

Social Media for Food Trucks: Part I

by 16. December 2015 12:27

Hello Food Truckers! We appreciate how tough it can be to successfully manage your business' social media presence on top of everything else, but we also know utilizing social is a key component of your truck's marketing strategy and subsequently, your business' success. To assist you, we have put together a 5 part series filled with tips, tricks and advice to ensure you are making the most of your social media accounts.

Look to create a new entry once a day or so and make sure to post your weekly locations! Up first are some highlights and things to keep in mind when getting set up on social:

Part I - Set Up

  • Ensure the page you have set up for your truck on Facebook is in fact a business page and not a personal profile. (Facebook will often delete businesses masquerading as people because they have the ability to solicit fellow users in a way business pages do not.

  • Keep your social media accounts professional and focused on promoting your business. Refrain from rants, politics, or anything other than promoting the positive aspects of your business and attracting more customers.

  • Fill out the profile and about sections on your social media accounts. Your website, contact information and menu should all be up to date and easily accessible to customers.(Also please regularly update your menu with TBFTR on our site! If you need you link, please e-mail!! It is very important that these are kept current.)

  • Publicize whether you accept cash only, or credit and debit cards! This helps customers prepare to attend an event and eat at your food truck.

  • Share your story, and don't be afraid to display some personality within your content. Food trucks are mostly small businesses, and fans appreciate a way to connect with you – if you have some fun facts or a story to share, let everyone know who you are, what you do and why!

Check back next week for our tips and tricks on posting! Have any questions? Comments? A specific topic you would like to see addressed? E-mail

Champagne Taste on a Beer Budget?

by 27. January 2015 03:56

Located at the intersection of need and solution, the modern day Food Truck is no longer the eyesores of the office parking lot. When the recession hit in the mid 2000s Food Trucks became the solution to economic decline of the working class. What started with the basic burgers, tacos & sandwiches has evolved into the one-stop-shop for gourmet cuisine on a reasonable budget. Whether you’re craving Savory Abracadabra Crepes from Krepelicious or The Scallywag Seared Scallop Wrap from Rollin’ Zoinks Tampa’s Food Trucks have adapted to the need for variety from their daily customers.

           Champagne Taste Beer Budget

Beyond the wide food selection, modern day food trucks have evolved in their marketing campaigns to attract new business. From incorporating mobile payment systems such as Square and Apple Pay into their social media marketing efforts, Food Truck owners have found a way to mix convenience with accessibility in ways that typical fast food restaurants have yet to provide. Other ways that the food trucks of today have adapted to the needs of their followers are by involving them in every step of the process. By rewarding their visits through Foursquare, Crowdsourcing recipes through Facebook and even special deals targeted to Twitter followers using a special hash-tag, Food Truck owners are using free social media tools to build the network beyond their daily routes.


Who said Food Trucks have to only serve Breakfast and Lunch options? Tampa Bay Food Trucks have welcomed a Mobile DJ Truck perfect for bringing the party wherever you’d like: backyards, public parks and even outdoor wedding receptions. Need a dance floor? No problem. Want to add a barista? They have great connections to book for you .  What about tables and chairs? Also not an issue they have everything you’d need for an awesome event.  If your sweet tooth has been bothering you, have no fear Lizzy Cakes Food Truck is not too far away. With their menu covering every craving from cakes, pies, one of a kind cookies and to die for maple bacon brownies to their white chocolate key lime pie there’s no need to suppress your desires for sweets any longer.