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Celebrate Valentines Day with Food Trucks

by 31. January 2019 05:20

Love is in the air this February with lots of events: the Florida State Fair opens, Wine Weekend in St. Petersburg kicks off, the country celebrates Superbowl Sunday...and did we mention the upcoming food truck rallies?! February 14th is the second Thursday of the month, meaning our monthly Downtown Lakeland Food Truck Rally falls on Valentine's Day! Alongside a display of 20 food trucks in the park, we will be setting out tables with linens, chairs, and will have a romantic playlist set on our mobile DJ truck - perfect for a fun, tasty and nontraditional date night. If you're looking to celebrate Saint Valentine over lunch instead, check out our daily locations page for the food trucks serving near you. Whether you plan to trek out to a truck forever alone or with a date you're sure to walk away with some awesome food. Need another reason to love on food truck dates this month? We've got three more reasons why.

  1. Food trucks are a unique alternative to a restaurant. Bring a blanket or some chairs and set up camp at a cozy location to spend some personal time with your significant other (or friend or dog!) You can dine in a more intimate setting rather then a crowded restaurant, buzzing with other couples. Not to mention you'll avoid any awkward interruptions from wait staff. Food trucks provide sauces, disposable silverware and containers that make for an easy clean up and transportation to your "campsite." Food trucks also help you skip the long wait for a table, and avoid fighting for a reservation in advance. Menus are posted for easy access, and the turn time for food is excellent! There's no wait for individual courses to come out or waiting for your check, you can do a simple grab-and-go then set up for an intimate evening.

  2. The eats are cheap, convenient and varied. You want BBQ and she wants Vietnamese? You can have both! Most trucks also offer dessert options, sides, and appetizers allowing you to create your own food sampling. Serve up a three course meal with a food truck (or three different food trucks!) You can walk up to the truck and get some quality eats without having to pay $30 each for an entree, as the average main course on a food truck runs about $10. Food trucks also tend to serve larger portions (think of a burger and fries) or smaller sampler portions you can order such as freshly made individual tacos.   

  3. There's food for everyone! Do you have a picky eater with you? What about a vegetarian? Food trucks are flexible and willing to help out if your party has some diet restrictions. If a food isn’t disclosed as being vegetarian friendly feel free to go up to the truck and talk to the person at the window. More than likely, they will be able to help you out or make a recommendation! If you are opting to visit a location with just one truck, you can call ahead to ask about the menu. If you’re at a food truck rally just move on to the next truck to see what offerings they have! Are you on the keto diet? You can easily order sandwiches without the bun and skip the carbs. Many food truck menu items can also be ordered without toppings to conform to your date’s hatred of pickles. The possibilities are endless, don't hesitate to speak up!

Food Truck Valentine's Date

Valentines Day Activities

by 6. February 2015 09:53

Valentines Day is right around the corner…and on a Saturday nonetheless. Clearly, this year’s Valentines Day is leaving no excuse for planning the perfect date day and/or night. The excitement of a Food Truck Rally is the perfect choice to spend your Valentines Day. Here are some tips for creating a great food truck date:

 Valentines Day

  1. Check out some of our events for Saturday like the Wounded Warrior Walk or the Color Guard Percussion Competition. If you want a more of a relaxed environment, try Cigar City Brewing. More information can be found on our event schedule and decide which event you are going to attend.
  2.  Get there early! Our events attract very large crowds of people and the lines can get pretty long. Be sure to get there right when the event starts!
  3. Bring chairs! Seating can be scarce at a food truck event so be sure to bring your own fold up chairs (or maybe even a blanket if you want to make it a more romantic, picnic type atmosphere).
  4. Bring a sense of adventure! One of the reasons food trucks have become the “IT” thing in dining is because the food is far from ordinary! It’s a special occasion so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and experiment.
  5. Be sure to bring some cash! Most of our trucks have the ability to process debit and credit cards, but unfortunately, you never know when technology may fail. Expect to pay around $10 per meal so the smaller the bills the better!
  6. Don’t forget the romantic touches! The classic romantic touches never go out of style. So, don’t forget to include the flowers, the gift, and a romantic playlist on your iPod.


Valentines Day can be filled with tons of clichés and the same old boring dates. Why not step out of the box and make it a unique evening that neither of you will forget?! This year, ditch the expensive, stuffy, dimly lite restaurant with the same old menu and join one of our events for a fun, exciting, adventurous evening with that special someone in your life!