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Top 10 Food Trucks to Start or Rebrand in 2020!

by 3. October 2019 10:14

What draws people to rallies and different food truck events? It’s the food of course! Most importantly, it’s the variety. As the food truck industry continues to grow, there is a need to expand into different culinary genres in order to offer an even more diverse and original variety of dishes!

We are constantly researching and monitoring what cuisine options are working and what is not. We wanted to share our findings to help your truck become a contributing partner in the growth of the food truck scene here in Tampa!

Here are the top 10 Food Trucks that the Tampa Bay Area needs to see more of:

  • Middle Eastern
  • Wings
  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • Mexican
  • Seafood
  • Churros
  • Empanadas
  • Poke Bowl

Here are the top 3 that are already saturated in the market:

  • BBQ
  • Shaved/Italian ice
  • Cheesesteaks

You can go anywhere to get average food, and that’s why we suggest branching out of your comfort zone and trying something new. Tampa is exploding with diversity and flavor, and that’s what is performing best right now! The trucks we work with are a collection of different local eateries that reflect their favorite family recipes as well as new, fun trends that are happening in the foodie world.

If you ever need help or consulting starting your brand, you can check out our seminar on how to start a food truck or even engage us to develop your branding down to truck name and menu items. Our Chief Eating Officer, Michael Blasco has been in the food truck scene since 2011. For a full list of our services, click here.

Thinking About Building A Custom Food Truck?

by Michael 26. July 2016 04:37

You may want to think again. 

**5/25/18 Update, we couldn't watch more people go through the painful process, we now build trucks and our main three tenants in how we go about it are listed below.

We're not going to go into excrutiating detail on this matter since it's a pretty straight forward issue. We've been rennovating and assisting food trucks for five years now, and we have yet to find a builder that has accomplished the following three key items on ANY custom project: 

Three Essentials to a Successful Custom Built Project

1. Adhere to a timeline, and complete the job on time

2. Adhere to a reasonable budget and meet (not exceed!) it

3. Do quality work, the way it was actually requested

It's possible this unicorn is out there somewhere, but we have yet to find it. At least not at a reasonable price. You might say "well, why are you against building custom?" Our knee jerk reaction to that question is that it's almost impossible to reasonably pay back, so it doesn't make financial sense. By the time you've made your two or three thousand dollar truck payment, dealt with the wonky issues surrounding any equipment, and the used truck itself (which, by the way the builder probably bought for less than $10,000), plus the builder's custom project fees, you're pretty deep underwater. Not to mention, any issues that occur under warranty will be fixed, but you will be out of work during that time. At the end of the day, custom or not, you are still buying a flipped, used truck. 

But it's under Warranty...

Nothing is free about it, as most custom builders are charging $70,000 to start a build, despite the fact that can buy a fully outfitted trailer for $35,000. "Wait, what?" Are you asking yourself: "Didn't he say above that builders buy 10k step vans and convert them?"

That's correct. The actual contents of a food truck costs around $25,000 (placed into a $10,000 used step van.) Most builders are sourcing the same water tanks, prefab windows, three compartment sinks, water heaters, vinyl etc. This stuff definitely adds up, but if you're good at math, you've got to be asking, "where is the other $35,000 that consists of the $70,000 custom build?" Well, that's labor, overhead and profit. Most builds can be done in a few weeks provided the right crews are in place. Part of the reason you can finance these trucks and get warranties when you build custom is the enormous margin on building them.  

Our takeaway is that used is used, and a custom job does not make the truck any more reliable than any other used truck on the road. If you stay on top of things and do regular maintenance, it's very feasible to run a used truck with minimal down time. Some might say "but if you lose your engine, you could be down for three weeks." That's true. However it's also true with that $70,000 custom build, guessed it, it's still a used truck. If you want a new step van to be built out, you're looking at $100,000 easy. 

So when questioning, "Can I be down for a few weeks if something goes wrong with my engine?" Just ask yourself if a few weeks is worth $50,000? Let's say it costs $10,000 to repair your truck, and three weeks of down time. The average food truck grosses around $5,000 a week, and actual profit from that well run business is approximately $3,000. Adding up those costs, would you rather be out $19,000 or $50,000? Instead of a custom job, we recommend the purchase of a used truck for $40,000-$60,000, which gives you a reasonable investment that's been in use for a few years. We have helped several owners purchase quality used trucks, and not once have they said, "Man! I wish I would have spent another $50,000 and built one for myself." 

Some might wonder why is this being written on an event companies blog? The answer is simple, we're tired of seeing local, small businesses being taken for a ride. Our hope is to find builders who will start treating customers right, who will fulfill the food trucker's requests, and who won't ship trucks with the wrong windows, no propane tanks, unfinished electrical and other items that are not up to code. If you are going to charge people an arm and a leg, then don't just give them the arm and wait to see if they come back and ask for the leg. 

No, we don't build trucks, and why? It's not what we do, and there are enough companies out there doing it unsuccessfully. Our goal is to guide you through the process with our industry knowledge, without contributing further to a problem that is already in place. 

**Update 5/25/18 - we couldn't ignore the demand being created by trucks being let down. It has started to impact us as a company that supports food trucks in business development efforts by trucks not being reliable enough. We now do build trucks. 

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to us today!

Are you thinking about getting into the Food Truck Business? Check out our seminar that occurs every six weeks.


2002 Workhorse P42 Food Truck For Sale (SOLD)

by Guy 22. April 2014 09:48
 Chili 'n' Spice Indian Food Truck
The truck is a 2002 Workhorse P42 Union City Body with a 5.7 V8 Gasoline engine with 150,000 miles on it in perfect condition. It is routinely driven all over Florida. 

Neon lights under the truck, tune-up, new battery, oil change, generator has been fully serviced and added two flood lights to the outside.

All equipment was installed brand new as of September 2012 and is all commercial grade:

10 foot hood

High-velocity exhaust fan

Fire suppression with current inspection papers

Two 35 pound Dean double gas fryers

6 burner stove with full-sized oven

Flat top griddle 36 inch

Commercial stand-up freezer

Sandwich prep fridge 48in

Soda Fridge 6.0 cubic inch

Stainless-steel work table, 3ft

Hot water heater

10,000W tri-fuel generator can run on propane, gasoline or natural gas

Insulated aluminum walls and cieling

2 DOT propane tanks, 100lb each

20 Gallon waste and fresh water tanks with dump and fill valves accessible on side of the truck

Exterior lighting with controls inside of the truck

2 100ft 120V 30A cables

5 foot serving window

3 compartment dishwashing sink and 1 hand sink

Individual propane shutoff valves are on all equipment truck wrap could be used for your business with placing your information on top.

Chili 'n' Spice Indian Food Truck

Interior View of Food Truck

Chili 'n' Spice Indian Food Truck

For more information on the truck, and our other food trucks and food trailers for sale please call (813) 802-9119. 

Are you thinking about getting into the Food Truck Business? Check out our seminar that occurs every six weeks.

Food Truck Seminar

Food Cart For Sale

by admin 14. April 2014 10:17
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Food Cart for Sale $32,900 and Truck $5,000 (SOLD)

8'6” wide x 18' long WorldWide Trailer Manufacturing Concession/Catering Trailer, model MK182-8

Reinforced walk on roof

Front-and-rear stabilizer jacks, 5000 LB capacity

Two - custom fabricated steel tread plate propane platforms welded to frame for extra support with steel propane tank mounting brackets (100# propane tanks and regulators)

Extended three piece 'A' frame (tongue)

2 5/16" top mount coupler with replaceable locking dog assembly

6" x 2" rectangular steel tube main rails

112” long commercial NSF APPROVED hood and grease extracting exhaust fan

(Note: no space between the top of the hood and ceiling to clean – start hood 41” from front wall)

Two 5000 LB, 10 degree up Torflex axle with 12" x 2" electric brakes, E/Z lube, and 6 on 5.5 hubs and drums with weather resist wiring package

Four ST225/75R15 load range 'D' radial tires mounted on a 6 bolt electronic deposition coated silver spoke wheel

Chassis fully undercoated with CPC

7' inside height, vertical posts on 16” centers

Curbside 3 section TEMPERED GLASS CONCESSION WINDOW (45" high x 69" wide), single stationary window and two vertical slider windows with screens (16” mesh) for serving customers with lift-up awning built to match concession window

Pair of gas assist awning rods to secure curbside awning in upright position

36" wide lockable pre-framed rear entry door with screen (16” mesh), lock and integrated dead bolt.

Easily cleanable aluminum diamond tread plate flooring over standard plywood floor

Smooth and easily cleanable 1/4" white vinyl covered plywood ceiling liner with no exposed utility lines, piping, conduits or wiring

Fully insulated sidewalls and ceiling

12” x  80” long custom white interior aluminum overhead storage tray along curbside wall above the concession window for additional storage space

24” x 80” long x 30” high custom white laminated permanent interior counter along curbside wall in front of the window

102” custom white laminated permanent interior overhead cabinet with latching cabinet doors along curbside wall above sink 

8” deep x approx. 69” long custom stainless steel exterior fold down counter in front of curbside concession window

Under counter 50 amp, 120/240v 16 circuit service panel with 50 amp main breaker, 25' shoreline power cord and through floor cable hatch to run your power cord outside

Five - 15 amp, 120v GFI duplex wall receptacles with one exterior weatherproof 15 amp, 120v GFI duplex receptacle. 

Three - 4' double fluorescent light fixtures with diffuser covers (bulbs not included)

On/off wall switches for 120v electric

120v, 13500 BTU roof mounted air conditioner - Works very well

Stainless steel 3 compartment sink with single faucet and integrated drain boards on each side (bowl size approx. 15”x15”x12 ”) and separate stainless handwashing station

Removable cutting board to place over the 3 compartment sink (gives you additional prep space)

On demand water pump with on/off wall switch

23 gallon fresh water tank (NSF or equal) located under the sink assembly and adjacent cabinet and 30 gallon waste water tank with waste vent stack. A dump valve located under the traile for easy waste removal. 

6 gallon 120v electric hot water heater located under the sink assembly

Aluminum teardrop fenderettes over wheel wells

14" x 14" screened (16” mesh) translucent roof vent with crank

Seven way trailer end connector

50 amp manual transfer receptacle for tongue mounted generator


112” long commercial hood system with grease extracting exhaust fan includes required fire suppression system

Commercial stainless steel 19 cu. ft. stand up freezer and refridgerator manufactured by True

Commercial stainless steel 6.5 cu. ft. refrigerated sandwich prep unit with 8 top pans manufactured by True

Commercial LP 40# fryer with two baskets

Commercial stainless steel LP 6 burner range with oven, flat top griddle, and lava rock char broiler

Commercial stainless equipment stand with an adjustable underneath shelf for griddle and lava char with stainless steel table work top table with an adjustable underneath shelf next to the cooking line for additional prep space

Commercial LP 2 well steam table (spillage pans and inserts not included)

Soap dispenser

Towel Rack

ABC fire extinguisher

Stainless steel backsplash under the hood

Fully enclosed 7500 running watt quiet model LP generator with electric start, battery box, starter battery (Note: mount generator over tongue)

For more information on the truck, please contact our office at 813-802-9119.

BB's Moving Cafe Logo

Interior View of Food Cart

Interior of Food Cart For Sale


Fire Extinguishers in Food Trailer Cart

Equipment in Food Trailer for Sale Tampa Florida

Equipment in Food Trailer for Sale Tampa Florida

Equipment in Food Trailer for Sale

Grill and Griddle on Food Trailer for Sale

Fridge in Food Trailer for Sale

Equipment in Food Trailer

 Counter in Food Trailer for SaleSink in Food Trailer

For more information on the truck, please contact our office at (813) 802-9119.

Are you thinking about getting into the Food Truck Business? Check out our seminar that occurs every 6 weeks. 

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1999 Chevy P30 Stepvan Food Truck for Sale

by Guy 8. April 2014 05:47

1999 CHEVY P 30 Stepvan, extra large size

Tampa Bay Food Truck for Sale

$19,900 OBO (SOLD) 

(145,500 miles) 

There is a platform for a generator in front of the truck. A 45 pound LP gas tank is located under the truck body.

All new equipment:

7 foot Stainless Steel Exhaust Hood from Hood Mart/ concession package

Coleman 15k air conditioner

24 inch LP gas griddle with thermostat. There is room under the 7 foot hood to add a deep fryer or another stove, griddle, etc.

Gas stove, converted to LP gas (Hotpoint) We chose this stove because of the weight.

Fridge (GE/Magic Chef)

Stainless Steel tables

1 work table 24x24

1 work table 18x48

1 prep table 24x48 with 2" backsplash

Includes brand new hot water heater, brand new 50 gallon grey water tank, 30 gallon fresh water tank

3 sinks, separate hand-washing sink

All electric, gas, and water is hooked up and ready for inspection

Brand New white paint, ready to add your own designs

Two large serving windows with cover. Outside wall outlet close to the serving window 

All the inside walls are insulated and covered with stainless steel, non-slip rubber floors

Ready to put on your own final touches on and get it inspected.

Tampa Bay Food Truck for Sale

Tampa Bay Food Truck for Sale

Tampa Bay Food Truck for Sale

Tampa Bay Food Truck for Sale


Tampa Bay Food Truck for Sale


Tampa Food Trucks for Sale

For more information on this truck and our other food trucks for sale contact our office at 813-802-9119


Are you thinking about getting into the Food Truck Business? Check out our seminar that occurs every six weeks.

How to Start a Food Truck Seminar


Ybor Food Truck For Sale

by Guy 26. March 2014 09:54

Tampa Bay Food Truck for Sale

The truck is professionally wrapped, but a few changes can be made for your concept.

Brand New 9500 Watt Generator (Warranty Included)
New Electrical Panel
Propane System
Water System (two tanks)
New Air Conditioner roof top

Full-Size Refrigerator
Sandwich Prep Refrigerator
hood system (ansul not included but have parts)
LP fryer double 
LP griddle large
Granite Counter Top
Newer Front Tires
Small Wears
Water heater
Triple Sink
Hand Sink

*If you're interested in the business, we can discuss further but this is only for the truck.

Also have a touch pad with point of sale software plus new cash register ($500) extra

The truck has won awards, has great reviews, up to code, all insurance and paperwork is up to date. 

*2013 People's Choice Best Cuban Sandwich
*2014 Best Cuban in the USA
*Cuban Sandwich Festival ~ Latin Times

Tampa Bay Food Truck for Sale

Tampa Bay Food Truck for Sale

Tampa Bay Food Truck for Sale

Tampa Bay Food Truck for Sale

Tampa Bay Food Truck for Sale

Tampa Bay Food Truck for Sale

For more information on the truck, please contact our office at 813-802-911.

$29,500 Reduced to $23,000 (SOLD)

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Are you thinking about getting into the Food Truck Business? Check out our seminar that occurs every six weeks.

How to Start a Food Truck Seminar